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I have been writing since my fifth birthday when I got this gorgeous, shiny red diary with a real, golden lock on it. I was thirsty to record my every secret in that book, lock it up, and hide the key in my underwear drawer where my little brother would never look for it. Every day I sat down and wrote “Dear Kimberly” before spilling my guts.


I still write for Kimberly, but now she is the star of my first full novel, Spirit Rising. I still keep a journal, though these days it is filled with story ideas instead of names of the boys who I like. And I still have that shiny red diary full of secrets – and every diary and journal that I have written in since.


As soon as I get the clearance, I will post summaries and other info about Bleached, Abstain, Serial, Spirit Rising and my other books.

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I can't wait to tell you all about my newest novel, Bleached!! It hits close to home and I think it would make a great book club book someday. More info soon, I promise!